Vincari assists physicians by eliminating the administrative burdens associated with the documentation process.

How It Works

Step 1: Vincari Mobile App

Vincari connects with office and hospital systems to give physicians access to their daily surgery schedules and patient lists via the Vincari mobile app.

Step 2: Capturing Patient Information

When a patient encounter takes place, whether bedside or in a procedure room, Vincari captures all required patient information to generate clinical documentation and charge data in a single pass.

Step 3: Signed and Delivered

Clinical documentation and charge data is eSigned and delivered downstream to various EMRs, care teams, coding departments, and any associated physician’s offices.


  • Improve clinical documentation
 and coding efficiency

    Vincari’s rule-based, point-of-care workflows leverage learned physician habits with existing patient information to streamline the clinical documentation and coding process.

  • Eliminate dictation

    It’s time, there is a better way. Vincari will stay up to date with ICD-10 and compliance requirements to make sure your documentation is complete. No more sticky notes. No more queries.

  • Accelerate revenue cycle

    Clinical documentation and charge data is immediately available after eSign, making concurrent coding a reality. Bills can be dropped before talking to the patient's family down the hall.

  • Improve reimbursement

    By providing your staff with ICD-10 specific and compliant documentation, Vincari ensures appropriate reimbursement for the care you provided.

  • Discrete case logging 
for analytics and research

    Vincari observes and tracks your cases in a way that allows for insights to be made. Discrete data capture and export allows for various research and analytical possibilities.

  • Protecting physician reputations

    Online comparisons are driven by the information captured and reported. Vincari helps physicians accurately illustrate patient illness to get credit for the level of care provided.

Vincari Testimonial

“Vincari has standardized my surgical descriptions and has eliminated the boring task of dictation.”
Dr. William Haller, III
SCA Surgery Center User