Go Mobile and Document On-the-Go

Untethered Access Untethered Access

Untethered Access

Mobile access makes delivering 100% compliant clinical reports easier than ever by putting the electronic physician assistant in the hands of physicians everywhere.

Handheld Guidance Handheld Guidance

Handheld Guidance

Physicians know the answers, but not always the questions.  Rules-driven documentation workflows guide physicians through the constantly changing documentation requirements.


Mobile Image Capture Mobile Image Capture

Mobile Image Capture

Securely capture HIPAA-compliant images using your mobile device and attach them to your documentation to better articulate conditions and/or procedures. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Immediate Report Delivery Immediate Report Delivery

Immediate Report Delivery

Immediately deliver clinical documentation and charge data directly from the physician’s mobile device to all appropriate downstream parties.

not to mention...

App Store - Schedules Copy

Gain access to daily schedules and see today get done.

App Store - Images Copy

Capture images and ensure the severity of illness is accurately portrayed.

App Store - Esign Copy

E-sign delinquent report from anywhere, anytime.

Security Features

  • Backend server are hosted in HIPAA Compliant Amazon Web Services(AWS).
  • No PHI is stored on the device itself. Any PHI held in memory is cleared as soon as it is posted to the backend servers.
  • All data in transit and at rest is encrypted at all times.
  • Once the pictures are taken by the mobile device camera in the app, they are immediately sent over an encrypted channel to our backend servers. These pictures are not available in the photos apps of the native device.
  • Access to the app is protected by the same strong credentials used to log into our web app.
  • Credentials to access the app are managed on our AWS cloud infrastructure and meet the NIST standards for password at the same time flexible to accommodate site specific requirements for password management.
  • After the first time authentication using strong credentials, users can enable modern biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition), where available, within the app. Once enabled, users can unlock the app using biometrics.
  • All iOS and Android best practices for security and privacy are implemented in our app.