April 11, 2019
  • New Vincari Launchpad (beta): Added the filter for reports, made many user interface updates based on user feedback, corrected several bugs. This is now stable and supports 95% of existing launchpad functionality.
  • Vincari Voice: Implemented stable text allowing for users to move the cursor during dictation. This is supported on both web app and mobile application. Corrected the issue where the Vincari Voice application would not work in the aside (diagnosis/procedure specificity questions or notes)
  • Medications: enhanced medications selected/unselected functionality in report builder.
  • Custom reports: Users can now save custom CPT and ICD-10 diagnosis codes for future cases suggested charge reports
  • We have refined our login requirements on the Vincari login page. We previously allowed a username or NPI to login. Now we only allow logins with a username, but this can be 10 digit numerical username .
  • Numerous bug fixes in the current Vincari Launchpad and Report Builder.