March 5, 2020
  • Enhancement – Portal provider upload
  • Enhancement – When creating new providers from User Admin and Super Admin, it will first prompt the facility(s) and then based on the facility(s) added, it will provide the available report types that user may choose from.
  • Enhancement – When selecting the reports tab and viewing the List View of reports, the information will now appear as “DOB:” , “MR#:” and :Acct#:”
  • Enhancement – Facilities using  the “Automatically Logout Inactive Users” setting , the user will now receive a warning stating the time remaining before being automatically logged out.
  • Enhancement – Backend users are now able to save Voice to Text and Interface SSO ID/PW information through New Launchpad
  • Bug fix – Resolved issue for residents not being able to addend a report that has already been attested and Esigned.