April 28, 2017

Vincari’s Electronic Physician Assistant is Improving the Way Patient Information is Captured, Leveraged, and Delivered

Birmingham, AL (April 28, 2017): Vincari has just released an update to its iOS and Android apps that allows users to securely capture images using their personal devices. These images can be easily attached to physician documentation after a patient encounter. As the healthcare industry moves more to a “prove it” mentality, Vincari’s Mobile Image Capture gives power to the physician.

Images as Wordless Documentation

Traditional documentation is a narrative of who, what, where, when, and why. Mobile Image Capture supplements traditional documentation and provides a visual account of the procedure or diagnosis being described. Images help physicians support decisions and treatment plans for patients, while also protecting their own reputations. Images in documentation can also serve as another method of medical comparisons:

“The ability to easily add pictures to the words that are commonly used to describe medical conditions will prove invaluable as we transition to a world of comparisons. This process will add protection to those who challenge the work that we do in hospitals and clinics. Being able to add pictures easily to documents can change the way proof of our work is recorded.”
– Dr. Lucian Newman, III, Vincari’s Chief Medical Officer and Practicing General Surgeon

Secure Image Capture & Storage

With Vincari, images are never stored on the mobile device or client computer. All data and images are validated, encrypted, and securely stored in the HIPAA Compliant AWS Cloud Environment.

About Vincari

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Vincari is the Electronic Physician Assistant designed to improve the way patient information is captured, leveraged, and delivered. Vincari’s rules-based, point of care physician workflows help capture the complete picture of patient encounters from the office, bedside, or surgery suite. By leveraging learned physician behavior and existing clinical information, Vincari improves workflow efficiency and streamlines the documentation and coding process. As a result, clinical documentation and charge capture data is delivered immediately to office and hospital EMRs, all while logging case data for research, recertification, and analytical purposes.

For more information, visit www.vincari.com.

Media Contact:

Andrew Ivanyisky, Vincari Sales, andrew.ivanyisky@vincari.com, 205-259-5997