Vincari Version Release 19.10.0
June 16, 2019
Sam Christopher

Enhancement- Medical record admin can now resend reports over the interface 

Vincari Release Version 19.9.0
June 6, 2019
Sam Christopher

Enhancement- Added backend services into the application to support new dictation app  Bug fix- Meds, Labs and Vitals are now showing when launching document from New Launchpad. 

Vincari Release Version 19.8.0
May 30, 2019
Sam Christopher

Bug fix- Corrected report builder layout changes when saved as Work In Progress  Enhancement – Added additional logging for our single sign on customers.  Enhancement- Added additional logging for our faxing service.  Enhancement- New Launchpad settings are now able to be edited and saved  Enhancement- Updates to the admin tab in New Launchpad  Enhancement- Added ability to scroll left…

Vincari Release Version 19.7.1
May 28, 2019
Sam Christopher

Feature- Added Internet Explorer 11 support for New Launchpad 

Vincari Release Version 19.6.2
April 29, 2019
Sam Christopher

Bug fix- Resolved an Issue with IPPN not displaying all information when saved as Work in Progress.  Bug fix- Corrected error in report builder when typing after a variable in the technique field.   Enhancement- Surgical Log Case now includes Surgical assistants‘ field.  Bug fix- Spell check in report builder is now correctly only displaying one replacement box.  Enhancement – In…

Vincari Relese Version 19.5.0
April 25, 2019
Sam Christopher

Bug fix- Corrected techniques for deeply nested procedures in builder.  These will populate appropriately in the technique section of the report. Bug fix- Corrected “Physician Authenticate” issue for user accounts with a nurse role. Bug fix- In the report builder the cursor focus was not activating when changing questions.  This is now corrected to focus on the appropriate section. Enhancement-…

Vincari Release Version 19.4.0
April 22, 2019
Michael Damrich

Backend upgrades for Vincari administration. Bugs fixed for Launchpad and Builder. Vincari Voice: Now shows search bar when one begins speaking into a text field. No longer capitalizes words after user stops and then restarts Vincari Voice. New Vincari Launchpad (beta): Corrected several bugs. Created the ability to create new…

Vincari Release Version 19.4.1
Sam Christopher

Bug fix- Updating variable(s) with custom reports in report builder, should now update appropriately. 

Vincari Release Versions – 19.3.0
April 11, 2019
Michael Damrich

New Vincari Launchpad (beta): Added the filter for reports, made many user interface updates based on user feedback, corrected several bugs. This is now stable and supports 95% of existing launchpad functionality. Vincari Voice: Implemented stable text allowing for users to move the cursor during dictation. This is supported on…

Vincari Release Version 19.1.0
February 25, 2019
Michael Damrich

Added feature updates and fixed bugs in the New Vincari Launchpad (Beta). Vincari Voice, Nuance DME and Vincari Mobile upgrades and corrections.