Vincari Release Version 15.8.1
March 1, 2018

Integrated Sayit wireless mic app.  Allow a user to interchangeably use speech-to-text and transcription services. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Vincari Release Version 15.8.0
February 17, 2018

New branding for Vincari login screen and production application URL change from to

Vincari Release Version 15.7.6
February 15, 2018

Enhancements for embedded voice to text applications and charge capture bug fixes.    

Vincari Release Version 15.7.5
February 1, 2018

Added more logging to launchpad, refactor of American College of Surgeons report to now be a Surgical Case Log, User administration updates when creating/updating a user’s report types, updates for embedding application within EMR systems, updates to Vincari Voice.

Vincari Release Version 15.7.4
January 18, 2018

Added support for Vincari Voice in the notes sections, added support for “new line” and ” new paragraph” for Vincari Voice, corrected an issue with technique library on mobile device, corrected a bug fix with custom reports not updating correctly.

Vincari Release Version 15.7.3
January 11, 2018

Fixed an issue with the support site link, added an “add all patient history” button, added some updates for voice to text programs in Vincari report builder.

Vincari Release Version 15.7.2
December 19, 2017

Updated security patches on dictation server.

Vincari Release Version 15.7.1
December 14, 2017

Bug fixes within report builder, mobile tablets compatibility updates.

Vincari Release Version 15.7.0
November 28, 2017

Vincari has added embedded voice to text applications within the report builder. This will allow subscribed users to quickly and easily dictate into Vincari in real time without having to sign in to multiple applications. We fixed a few annoying bugs on the technique page. Also added a feature to…

Vincari Release Version 15.6.10
November 9, 2017

Fixed a bug with diagrams in the report builder. Enhanced the workflow and functionality of the report builder on mobile device. The next/previous should always be visible when on mobile device. Improved functionality with voice to text products and fixed some nagging bugs.