Vincari Release Version 19.4.0
April 22, 2019

Backend upgrades for Vincari administration. Bugs fixed for Launchpad and Builder. Vincari Voice: Now shows search bar when one begins speaking into a text field. No longer capitalizes words after user stops and then restarts Vincari Voice. New Vincari Launchpad (beta): Corrected several bugs. Created the ability to create new…

Vincari Release Versions – 19.3.0
April 11, 2019

New Vincari Launchpad (beta): Added the filter for reports, made many user interface updates based on user feedback, corrected several bugs. This is now stable and supports 95% of existing launchpad functionality. Vincari Voice: Implemented stable text allowing for users to move the cursor during dictation. This is supported on…

Vincari Release Version 19.1.0
February 25, 2019

Added feature updates and fixed bugs in the New Vincari Launchpad (Beta). Vincari Voice, Nuance DME and Vincari Mobile upgrades and corrections.

Vincari Release Versions 18.1.0 – 18.2.0
January 18, 2019

Added the ability for users to view and select different final report layouts Added medication updates including unselect/select all button Enhanced the ability for a user to specify diagnoses when pulled in from the EMR. Upgraded custom commands for DME. Removed unnecessary action buttons, added additional functionality to match the…

Vincari Release Versions 18.0.0
November 12, 2018

New Vincari Launchpad (Beta) currently available to beta users.  We will continue to enhance over the next few weeks/months.  If you would like to participate in the Vincari Beta user program send an email to  Nuance Dragon Medical Embedded updates for web app and mobile app to use the…

Vincari Release Versions – 17.3.0
September 4, 2018

Added ability to fax immediate post procedural note. Spell check has been added to the text fields in the report builder. There are now minimum supported versions of the mobile app to keep apps up to date. Additional logging has been added to the application. Bug fixes.

Vincari Release Versions 16.7.1 – 17.1.0
August 3, 2018

Numerous bug fixes Improved the speed of loading patient profiles Created enhancements for “Dictation on the Go” Added ability for users to favorite lab time values

Vincari Release Versions – 16.7.0
July 6, 2018

  Bug fixes and feature enhancements added to the Vincari application and mobile app Single Sign On users now able to edit the provider and date of report in the builder Vincari Voice speech to text wireless mic app, added support for navigation in Vincari report builder Added support for…

Vincari Release Version V 5.0.0
June 27, 2018

Mobile version 5.0.0 – Vincari has added support for dictation in the mobile app. Any facility with the dictation service enabled can use the Vincari mobile app for dictation now instead of using the microphones attached to the workstations. – Added new features with the Single Sign On option. –…

Vincari Release Version 15.8.2
March 15, 2018

More branding updates.  Added the ability for providers to have customized fax cover sheets.  Additional updates to Nuance DME integration.