Vincari Release Version 20.2.0
March 5, 2020
Sam Christopher

Enhancement – Backend facility build tool added to Portal Enhancement – Time and Date of dictation will now appear for medical records and transcriptionist on the patient report stickers in New Launchpad Enhancement – “Show wVRu” option is now able to be selected from facility settings in New Launchpad Enhancement…

Vincari Release Version 20.1.0

Enhancement – Portal provider upload Enhancement – When creating new providers from User Admin and Super Admin, it will first prompt the facility(s) and then based on the facility(s) added, it will provide the available report types that user may choose from. Enhancement – When selecting the reports tab and…

Vincari Release Version 20.0.0
January 17, 2020

Enhancement – HTML5 dictation upgrade Enhancement – Auto log out warning created Enhancement – Updated backend default facility settings Enhancement – Updated backend default provider settings Enhancement – New options available for viewing Reports in New Launchpad Enhancement – Providers now allowed to ADD HEIGHT/WEIGHT on already created reports Enhancement…

Vincari Release Version 19.24.0
December 9, 2019

Enhancement – Related search upgrade Enhancement – Upgraded default provider and facility settings in New Launchpad Enhancement – Filter option has been added to the Alerts section in New Launchpad Enhancement – Downloaded images now show in full resolution Enhancement – Residents are now able to create new fax listings…

Vincari Release Version 19.22.0
November 19, 2019

Enhancement – Users are now able to enter comments when manually scheduling a report Enhancement –  Now able to create new fax listings from Super Administration Enhancement  – Users are now able to edit their own voice to text settings from “My Settings” Enhancement – The filter list of providers…

Vincari Release Version 19.21.0
November 5, 2019

Enhancement – Ability to access New Launchpad through Cerner Enhancement – Now able to determine whether HTML5 or Flash was used for dictation on the backend Enhancement – Backend FHIR upgrades Enhancement – HMTL5 dictation option is now available in facility settings on New Launchpad Enhancement – Sorting and filtering…

Vincari Release Version 19.20.0
October 22, 2019

Enhancement – Users now have the ability to favorite their location when they have numerous locations on their account. This automatically defaults to their favorite location when creating a new report. Enhancement – Users are able to save a report after adding many images to a report in builder Enhancement…

Vincari Release Version 19.19.0
October 8, 2019

Enhancement –  Certain user accounts can now disable other user accounts Enhancement – Users now have the ability to filter patients Enhancement – Users with one report type on their account now default to that report type under “Create New” Enhancement – Users with one facility on their account now…

Vincari Release Version 19.18.0
September 25, 2019

Bug fix – now able to create new lines in the Attestation box Bug Fix – updated and corrected faxing issues related to editing, titles and creation Bug fix – resolved issue of incorrect workflow with preliminary addendum Bug fix – resolved issue with saving a custom reports which did…

Vincari Release Version 19.15.1
August 26, 2019

Enhancement- The default number of reports loaded on today’s schedule is now 20   Bug fix- Corrected an error when logging in with single sign on with Internet Explorer 11