Vincari Release Version 19.19.0
October 8, 2019

Enhancement –  Certain user accounts can now disable other user accounts Enhancement – Users now have the ability to filter patients Enhancement – Users with one report type on their account now default to that report type under “Create New” Enhancement – Users with one facility on their account now…

Vincari Release Version 19.18.0
September 25, 2019

Bug fix – now able to create new lines in the Attestation box Bug Fix – updated and corrected faxing issues related to editing, titles and creation Bug fix – resolved issue of incorrect workflow with preliminary addendum Bug fix – resolved issue with saving a custom reports which did…

Vincari Release Version 19.15.1
August 26, 2019

Enhancement- The default number of reports loaded on today’s schedule is now 20   Bug fix- Corrected an error when logging in with single sign on with Internet Explorer 11 

Vincari Release Version 19.15.0
August 20, 2019

Enhancement– Redesigned medications button select/unselect all in report builder   Enhancement- Single Sign On support in New Launchpad  Enhancement- Added support for user accounts to edit voice to text settings in Old Launchpad  Bug fix- Corrected an issue where Assistants from the report builder were not saving correctly on final reports. …

Vincari Release Version 19.14.2
August 8, 2019

Bug fix- Resolved issue causing vital signs being populated in the report builder with incorrect time stamp  Feature – Added ability to add new fax recipient on New Launchpad 

Vincari Release Version
August 2, 2019

Bug fix- Corrected issues causing icons not to render correctly on old launchpad 

Vincari Release Version 19.13.3
July 29, 2019

Bug fix- EMR single sign on, leave page warning when exiting the report builder has been resolved 

Vincari Release Version 19.13.0
July 19, 2019

Bug fix- Ability to add image from header bar  Enhancement- Additional application logs have been added  Enhancement- All new users will use New Launchpad by default  Enhancement- Users now have the ability to update image descriptions in New Launchpad Patient Profile  Bug fix- Auto logout time issues resolved in New Launchpad 

Vincari Release Version 19.12.0
June 27, 2019

Enhancement- Users are now able to update “My Settings” in New Launchpad   Enhancement – Default user settings in Admin tab have been updated in New Launchpad 

Vincari Release Version 19.11.0
June 21, 2019

Enhancement- Added additional logging for Rules Engine