Vincari Release Version 15.6.10
November 9, 2017
Michael Damrich

Fixed a bug with diagrams in the report builder. Enhanced the workflow and functionality of the report builder on mobile device. The next/previous should always be visible when on mobile device. Improved functionality with voice to text products and fixed some nagging bugs.

Vincari Release Version 15.6.9
October 26, 2017
Michael Damrich

Bug fixes for notes on Findings questions. Added a status for email notifications when an addendum is performed. When an image is added to a report it is viewable at the bottom of the report preview. Improved workflows within the builder.

Vincari Release Version 15.6.8
October 19, 2017
Michael Damrich

Updates for report builder in Vincari Mobile.

Vincari Release Version 15.6.7
October 12, 2017
Michael Damrich

This release corrected a bug that administrators were encountering when creating new users. Also we updated the web view of report builder to enhance the Vincari experience on mobile device.

Vincari Release Version 15.6.6
September 28, 2017
Michael Damrich

We have a few bug fixes and new features from this new version! When adding images from mobile the look and feel is consistent across all platforms.  We have increased the speed of the report builder and the rules engine that generate the CPT and ICD-10 codes.

Vincari Release Version 15.6.5
September 14, 2017
Michael Damrich

Vincari has added ability to print text version of immediate post procedure note (IPPN) on launchpad, rearrange all procedure types, support for a facility variable in text fields in the report builder and Vincari app version has been added to the login page.  Improvements to the Vincari Mobile.

Vincari Release Version 15.6.4
August 31, 2017
Michael Damrich

Release Version 15.6.4 adds functionality which includes builder guidance, support for variables on mobile device, medication improvements and create new report workflow enhancements including favoriting common physicians for mid-levels, NPs and PAs as well as quick select for custom reports.

Vincari Will Attend ASCA 2017
May 2, 2017
Michael Damrich

This Wednesday, May 3 Vincari will join the 2017 ASCA Ambulatory Surgery Conference at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Washington, DC. Get Your Free Gift – Schedule a 7 Minute Demo Hugh Lee and Michael Damrich will be displaying Vincari’s Electronic Physician Assistant in Booth 215. Attending? Schedule a…

Vincari Introduces HIPAA Compliant Mobile Image Capture
April 28, 2017
Michael Damrich

Vincari’s Electronic Physician Assistant is Improving the Way Patient Information is Captured, Leveraged, and Delivered Birmingham, AL (April 28, 2017): Vincari has just released an update to its iOS and Android apps that allows users to securely capture images using their personal devices. These images can be easily attached to physician documentation after a patient encounter.…

Examining the Transition to Value-Based Care: Payors
April 16, 2017
Michael Damrich

As a part of this blog series, we’ve discussed what the transition from volume-to-value based care looks like for the Provider as well as the Physician. Although, it could be argued that no segment of the healthcare industry has as much influence in ushering in this new care model as…