Hospitals are streamlining their clinical documentation and coding process with rule-based, point-of-care physician workflows.

How It Works

Step 1: Vincari Mobile App

Surgical Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) leverages existing scheduling feeds giving physicians access to their rounding lists and daily surgery schedules via the Vincari mobile app.

Step 2: Capturing Patient Information

When a patient encounter takes place, whether bedside or procedural, the software assists physicians with the capture of all required information related to the encounter at hand.

Step 3: Signed and Delivered

Complete clinical documentation and charge data is signed, sealed, and delivered downstream to your EMR, care teams, coding departments, and any associated physician offices.


  • Streamline your clinical documentation 
and coding process

    Physicians capture and immediately deliver clinical documentation and charge data downstream. Stop chasing your doctors for missing information.

  • Reduce Coder Queries

    Physicians are prompted at the point-of-care for required specifics pertaining to the encounter at hand. No more sticky notes. No more queries.

  • Accelerate Revenue Cycle

    Eliminate the back and forth between physicians and coders. Get it right the first time with a single pass.

  • Eliminate transcription costs

    Customized physician workflows make capturing accurate information simple. Learned physician behaviors are leveraged to eliminate the need for traditional transcription services.

  • Improve reimbursement

    Real-time electronic physician queries drive the capture of accurate encounter information to ensure accurate reimbursement.


“Our hospital understands the needs of physicians and the critical balance of time spent between patients and documentation. We’ve chosen Surgical CAPD to provide our physicians an exceptional product to make documentation and coding of ICD-10 easy and effortless. Surgical CAPD gives physicians the time to be physicians.”
William Mahone
President of Halifax Regional, Novant Health