About Us

Vincari’s founder and practicing General Surgeon, Dr. Lucian Newman III, had an epiphany one day at a restaurant. While ordering dinner, his waiter used a software tool to ensure the order was both specific and accurate in about 15 seconds. A clear and accurate receipt followed the bill. Dr. Newman realized the food industry utilizes better documentation tools than healthcare! He vowed to change that. And thus, Vincari was born.

Physicians today are faced with increasing administrative burdens, resulting in less pay and less time to care for patients. Similarly, hospitals are faced with increased reporting demands with declining reimbursement. Vincari developed a platform that aligns the physician and hospital by providing value to both.

Problems We Solve

The rules around clinical and surgical documentation are constantly evolving. Vincari’s rule-based, point-of-care workflows adapt to assist physicians with the capture of patient information and images across all types of patient encounters.

Physicians waste an extraordinary amount of time on repetitive administrative tasks. Vincari leverages learned physician behaviors, CDI knowledge, and existing clinical information to streamline the documentation and coding process.

The success of many downstream processes depends on the timeliness of quality information. Vincari connects and immediately delivers clinical documentation and charge data to many popular office and hospital EMRs, all while logging data for research, recertification, and analytical purposes.

A Note from Vincari’s Founder

“Our industry has changed in the last decade to mandate more detail in documentation in order to analyze metrics including safety, cost, quality, and others. As we care for patients, we must be aware that we are managing a very important and costly event. Paying more attention to documentation requirements—while always secondary to the care itself—is mandatory, lest we fall victim to inaccurate assessment of our work.”
Dr. Lucian Newman, III
Vincari Founder and Practicing General Surgeon