Surgical Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD)

Integrated into your favorite EMR

Adaptive Capture Adaptive Capture

Adaptive Capture

The rules around clinical and surgical documentation are constantly evolving. Surgical CAPD’s rule-based, point-of-care workflows adapt to assist physicians with the capture of patient information and images across all types of patient encounters.

Leveraged Intelligence Leveraged Intelligence

Leveraged Intelligence

Physicians waste an extraordinary amount of time on repetitive administrative tasks. Surgical CAPD leverages learned physician behaviors, CDI knowledge, and existing clinical information to streamline the documentation and coding process.

Connected Delivery Connected Delivery

Connected Delivery

The success of many downstream processes depends on the timeliness of quality information. Our solution connects and immediately delivers clinical documentation and charge data to many popular office and hospital EMRs, all while logging data for research, recertification, and analytical purposes.

Document Intelligently.

Mobile documentation is here!

Make delivering 100% compliant clinical reports easier than ever by putting the electronic physician assistant in the hands of physicians everywhere.

Our Customers

Our facility understands the needs of physicians and the critical balance of time spent between patients and documentation. We’ve chosen Surgical CAPD to provide our physicians an exceptional product to make documentation and coding of ICD-10 easy and effortless. Surgical CAPD gives physicians the time to be physicians.